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Neely Commons
2024 Town of Gilbert
Bulk Trash Pickup

Placement Begins on Collection Begins Week of
January 27 January 29
March 2 March 4
April 6 April 8
May 11 May 13
June 15 June 17

Place all acceptable bulk items IN THE STREET AGAINST THE CURB.
Place out no earlier than the Saturday prior to the collection week and no later than 5:00 AM Monday.
Pile cannot exceed 10’ long X 5’ wide x 5’ high.
Must be placed a minimum of 5’ away from all obstacles including trash/recycle containers and vehicles.
Learn more at:
• Furniture that cannot be donated
•Yard waste (Trimmings less than 5’ in length and 12” in diameter-Grass, leaves, and weeds (bagged and tied) - Cacti - boxed and contained)
•Glass (boxed/wrapped, sealed, and labeled)
•Televisions (CRT, DLP, and Rear Projection)
• Household garbage that is liable to decay (kitchen waste)
• Construction, remodel, or demolition debris (rock, concrete, drywall, lumber, roofing material, countertops, cabinets, carpet, tile, glass doors, and mirrored doors)
• Auto parts (engine block and rims) • Hazardous waste (tires, vehicle liquids, paint, pool chemicals, propane tanks, flat screen TVs, electronics, etc.)-These items are accepted at our Household Hazardous Waste Facility
•Major appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, and water heaters)-These items are collected separately as part of our Appliance Recycling Program